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[1.351]ORIGINAL KOGuard Server Files.


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28 Kasım 2012
Well, this is something that i had for a quite while, i've used this on my old server and pretty much did the job. Since I will not use that anymore i've decided to share it with you guys.


* USKO(15xx/17xx/18xx) Moradon/Luferson and El Morad Castle top 5 Clan flags, automatic updated. (You can set your own times at Ebenezer or Settings.ini)

* GameServer(Ebenezer) / KillSwitch,Stackoverfloow,255 Stat Bug,Merchant Hack,Authority Hack,Jewelry Bug and some others exploits / bugs fixed.

* A/B/C Trade Dupe fixed

* Automated Clans & NP Symbols update. (You can set your own times at Ebenezer or Settings.ini)

* Live Chat system, Online players system, you can DC / Ban / Kill a player there.

* Ardream, Ronark Land and Ronark Land Base +15 NP Bonus monument.

* WallHack/SpeedHack/Seri Skill and. KOXP's fixed, and if they bypass they will be automatic dcded by game server.

* Requires .NET Framework 2.0 / are running on all OS / WinXP / WinVista / Win7 / Win8

* Wide Screen Resolution patch added

* CTRL Minor disabled


For use this server files, please create the following DSNs at ODBCS:



Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?9a1ci124x84t1tu

Rar password : Snoxd

Use button "+", big thanks for azura/southko.

If u give me much "+" i will share "[1.397]Original KOGuard Server Files. "